After a summer of yard work and debauchery, you’re back to school and getting settled. Odds are you’ve already solved all of the most pressing issues confronting you this semester: you’ve figured out how you’re going to get booze, what booty call phone numbers are still operational, and if you’re favorite late-night food spot has been shut down due to health code violations. Now it’s time to spend at least a little energy getting your academic affairs in order. You’ve had a little time to test those classes and see if they're going to be a good fit. If you’ve got a bad feeling about one of your seminars, you’d better act soon, as that Add/Drop period ends before you know it. 

We don’t recommend that you become one of those lame pupils who quits a class at the first sign of a challenge. A large part of the college experience is learning how to do shit you don’t want to do. Believe us, you’d best hone that skill now, as it is going to be a large part of your future, even if you end up with a glamorous career like race car driver or Internet list writer. That being said, even the most dedicated students are going to run up against a class that just doesn’t feel right. Drop it and don't look back. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better once you fill out that form: here are 10 Signs You Should Drop A Class Before It’s Too Late.