The male bathroom is not usually a hi-tech environment: we're lucky if we can even keep it fit for human use. If black hairs don't line the sink and your toothbrush is younger than your neice, then you are probably in the top ten percent of male bathroom owners. Just because the status quo among men is to maintain a lavatory that would make Cro Magnon man blush doesn't mean it has to be that way. There are innumerable companies making bathroom gadgets than can improve your hygiene and make your life easier. Sure, the products on the market run the gamut from insanely practical to clearly produced by an insane person, but that shouldn't stop you from wading into the tech world to see if the right grooming gadget is waiting for you on the next page of that Sharper Image catalog. We're not saying you should necessariliy open your wallet, but at least open your luddite mind; you might just thank yourself for it later when your white teeth and moisturized face land your some tech-loving ass. The future is here, and it is clean shaven: here are 10 Hi-Tech Toiletries You Never Knew You Needed.