We're getting closer to the launch of Yahoo's new logo—we know, a new logo doesn't change everything, but it helps—and Yahoo! is now shaking up a few of its sites. Yahoo! Sports, Weather and Games all got a fresh redesign that better reflect the direction that the company is moving in: think, sleek, colorful, and organized.

The new sites haven't been released to all users just yet, but should be making their way to new everyone in the next few days. Yahoo! Movies, Music, TV, and OMG sites were thrown into the redesign mix, as well. There's nothing really new in terms of content—so expect the information to be the same—but aesthetically, things all kind of feel like Yahoo's Weather app, which has been praised for its look. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer called this makeover "The Grand Slam," with the aim for all of Yahoo's sites to feel more personalized and polished. 

Stay tuned: the cherry on top of the makeover, the logo, will be unveiled Sept. 5th.  

[via The Verge]