July was the month of the comeback. Really, don't believe us? Just go Yahoo it. Wait, does that sound a little funny?

Well, it shouldn't. Yahoo! beat out Google in Internet traffic for the first time since 2011, according to a report from ComScore. But, it was a close race: Yahoo! ended July with 196,564,000 visits, while Google closed out the month with 192,251,000. This isn't even counting Tumblr traffic on Yahoo's part. If it did, Yahoo! would be able to add the 38,367,000 visits that Tumblr earned, which placed it at 28 on ComScore's list. Though this is the first time in two years Yahoo! has taken the top spot, they've never been far behind. 

Looks like Marissa Mayer is doing something right.

Here is ComScore's list of the top 50 for July:

[via CNET]