Microsoft revealed new details regarding how digital sharing for Xbox One and Xbox Live with work. Microsoft Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten said the company’s ambition for Xbox One was to create a "highly personalized" console that has a ability to also a powerful social platform.

"It's about celebrating your individual tastes but also making it welcoming and easy for people to share," says Whitten.

Everyone within your household will be able to share games. Any person can sign in using their Gamertag and play, even if the owner is not signed in. Users can also play digital titles without being connected to the Internet or Xbox Live after they've been fully downloaded the digital title, though Whitten said the experience would be "best" when connected. When connected gamers will be able to play digital downloads before they’ve fully downloaded, also a feature on PS4.

When gamers are signed in and playing on their friend's console, all their purchases will carry over to their home system the next time they sign in.

Not only are digital games on the Xbox One shareable but users can also share Xbox Live. Through a system called Home Gold, users can extend Xbox Live Gold benefits to others at no additional cost. Entertainment apps like Game DVR, SmartMatch, The NFL on Xbox and Skype are only available to Gold members.

Some of this sounds pretty promising, an account that follows you isn't quite revolutionary but for consoles it's certainly new. Considering how much cash we're going to be spending on consoles, games and subscriptions it better!

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[Via Xbox Wire]