Major Nelson striped of a "beautiful" cardboard dress to get up close and personal with the new Xbox One. In this “UnXboxing” video we take a look at the Day One Edition and get some solid details on the system.

We've heard a lot about tweaks and hard drive space so lets put all the specs together: Xbox One with ship with a 500GB hard disk, slot-loading Blu-ray drive, a 4K rated HDMI cable that will work with 1080p and 3D setups, S/PDIF, improved Kinect port, wired and wireless networking. This gaming beast also comes dripped in liquid back and sporting an IR blaster, which all makes the console sound like a hover-tank.

The Kinect sensor has been improved, it's still quite large but with a new 1080p camera and a wider field of view, so we won't get lost in our tiny apartments and with low-light sensitivity and four improved microphones it'll be better suited to watching movies in the near dark and yelling instructions from afar.

The sleek new controller has been completely redone with hepatic feedback loaded right into the triggers, making quick-time events even more exciting. The controller can be used with AA or rechargeable batteries but you'll have to pick-up an Xbox One charging pack if you want to recharge your controller via the micro USB included cable.

A chat headset is also included with full upgrades to speaker and microphone and features three times the sampling rate of the Xbox 360, so your screams will come through clearly; best of all the mute is now on the controller, not the headset.

Hopefully that clears up some Xbox One ambiguity, now how is the NSA going to use this amazing processing and sensor powers to keep you safe?

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