As seen on: Big Brother 15 (2013)

What is it about reality TV stars named Spencer? This particular Spencer is a newbie in the reality television world, a player on the current season of Big Brother. Still, he's bad enough to make this list. Why? Uh, child pornography. Here's an exceprt from the Huffington Post:

His comments, which seemingly were in jest, were captured on the “Big Brother” live feed on Monday, August 5. While fellow housegust McCrae Olson was in the shower, it looked like Spencer took his microphone and said the following directly into it.

"I like to b*** off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that?" he asked Andy Herren and Amanda Zuckerman. "Oh, I love it. B***ing off to child porn is my favorite thing there is. I love it when they’re around 3 or 4 years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re filming in a basement somewhere in Minnesota."

Spencer was joking, but it’s no matter—making jokes about child pornography is like making jokes about rape, it shouldn’t happen.

This incident was only the latest in a string of insensitive comments he's been making in his campaign for worst human being on a reality TV show ever: He’s made homophobic comments towards his openly gay housemate Andy, calling him “Kermit the Fag” and “Faggoty Ann," and has praised Hitler’s “speaking abilities.”