As seen on: The Apprentice (2004, 2013); The Surreal Life (2004); Girls Behaving Badly (2004); Fear Factor (2005) Celebrity Apprentice (2008)

Omarosa Manigault was a political consultant for Al Gore while he served as Vice President during the Clinton administration, but it wasn’t until she joined the then-brand new reality show The Apprentice in 2004 that she made a name for herself in the entertainment sector. Unfortunately, that name wasn’t a good one—Manigault managed to spend more time fighting than she did working on her business projects. She later claimed that the footage had been edited to make her look like a villain, saying, “historically, blacks have been portrayed negatively on reality television…we don't come across well.”

We would buy that completely, if it wasn’t for the fact that she went on to star in a few more reality shows including The Surreal Life and Girls Behaving Badly, before she ultimately returned to The Apprentice earlier this year—and she's still playing the villain.