As seen on: Jersey Shore (2009-2012); Dancing With the Stars (2010)

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was a mere annoyance in the first couple of seasons of Jersey Shore, but as time passed and salaries increased, he became the miserable reality star we know him as today. His habit of baring his abs any time a woman so much as looks at him alone would be enough to secure him a spot here, but Sitch managed to go above and beyond in recent years by spending a good chunk of Jersey Shore obsessed with making Snooki’s life a living hell.

In the fifth season, Sitch became obsessed with ruining the happiness Snooki had found with her new, serious boyfriend Jionni, and kept threatening that he would tell Jionni about some alleged tryst they’d had at a party around the time that the two had begun dating. Snooki denied that any hookup had ever happened, but The Situation wouldn't let up about the situation. Every episode brought another threat to expose her lies that he never followed through on—it became as monotonous as the fighting between Ron and Sam.

To make matters worse, Sitch spent all the time he wasn’t using to plan revenge against Snooki to complain about how no one in the house liked him, and how he was all alone because he had chosen the be the villain. He later alleged that this was because he had issues with alcohol and prescription pills, but the fact that he was sober and still an asshole in the last season leads us to believe that there's something innate in his character.