As seen on: Survivor: Pearl Islands (2003); Survivor: Micronesia (2008)

If that picture up there isn’t enough to convince you that Jonny Fairplay is a gigantic douche, get your eyes checked. This guy is a caricature given life. For instance, he thought it would be a good move to lie about his grandmother dying so his team would have some sympathy for him. In reality, though, his grandmother was alive, and Jonny had planned out the lie well in advance with the help of a friend. His grandmother reportedly found it amusing, but we’re skeptical about this—he basically told the world that she was dead just to get more airtime. That’s not hilarious, that’s shameless and terrible. Who does that?

Also, he’s the kind of guy who calls himself Jonny Fairplay, when his real name is actually Jon Dalton. Please, stop.