As seen on: Teen Mom (2009-2012)

Farrah Abraham didn't become SMH material until after her time on MTV's Teen Mom, when she tried to cash in on her fame by making a porn video alongside adult film star James Deen. They called it Backdoor Teen Mom.

Here's what makes this lame: Abraham denies the whole thing was orchestrated. But James Deen tells a very different story: He claims he was hired for the video, and it was supposed to be released as a “home sex tape,” even though it was a planned production from the jump. Since the tape’s release, Abraham has been trying to model herself after former sex-tape queen Kim Kardashian, and is doing whatever she can to stay in the tabloids—whether it be getting bigger breast implants, or pretending to be the good, naive girl who just so happened to become embroiled in a scandal. Except, no.

And remember—all of this is coming from a young woman who became a mother as a teen. Her daughter will grow up and these kind of duplicitous stunts and shenanigans will be her mother's legacy.