As seen on: The Real World: San Francisco (1993); Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes (2002-2003)

The thing known as Puck was such an asshole during his time on The Real World: San Francisco back in 1993 that he became the asshole that other reality television assholes aspire to be like. Here's the briefest of summaries: Puck had issues keeping clean and hygienic, was disrespectful toward his other roommates, and often made gay jokes in the presence of his homosexual roommate, Pedro.

His most disgusting act though, both literally and figuratively, was eating Pedro’s peanut butter and sticking his boogers into the jar knowing very well that Pedro had to watch his immune system because he was HIV positive. Puck was in his mid-20s when he did this—way past the age of knowing better.