Sex can become a weapon when desperation is involved. A woman from Wasau, Wisc. has been charged with mutiple crimes for allegedly holding two men hostage in a frightening attempt to have sex with them. Is it really that bad out here?

On Monday, Terry L. Boyd reportedly locked her roommate and a second man inside of a room, refusing to let them out until one of them had sex with her. You know both of them were staring at each other, tears in their eyes, wondering who was going to take one for the team. They eventually took to screaming for help, prompting neighbors to call the police.

Boyd, 52, tried to hold the door shut, but police Deboed their way inside and freed the men, who strangely refused to press charges against Boyd. That's intimidation. Boyd was later rushed to the Aspirus Wausau Hospital emergency room saying that she was assaulted by officers, but was arrested for disorderly conduct after a spat with hospital staff. 

When she got home, she locked her roommate in his bedroom again. This woman gives no fucks about the law.

The cops made yet another trip to the residence and arrested Boyd once more, charging her with obstructing an officer, jumping bail and false imprisonment. Desperation is not attractive.

[via Gawker]