Best known for: Boyd Crowder, Justified (FX)
Weirdest fole: Jim Bob, The Cherokee Kid (1996)

If you were wondering how Walton Goggins arrived at such a nuanced and complex approach to the character of Boyd Crowder in the Appalachian western Justified, the answer is practice. Goggins has been getting his cowboy on since back in 1996, when he had the opportunity to act opposite the great Sinbad in the film The Cherokee Kid.

With a cast that sounds like it was chosen with a lottery-ball machine—including Burt Reynolds, Gregory Hines, and Jams Coburn—and one of the most generic sounding plot we've ever heard of (an old drunk gunfighter mentors a self-conscious klutz), The Cherokee Kid clearly belongs in the particular pantheon of westerns that includes Shanghai Noon. We imagine that if you asked Walton, he would tell you that he credits his work on The Cherokee Kid for much of his success in the world of gritty cable drama.