Best known for: Felicity, Felicity (The WB); Elizabeth Jennings, The Americans (FX)
Weirdest role: Katie Armstrong, Grimm Love (2006)

If you loved Keri Russell as Felicity, you'll go wild for her portrayal of a graduate student who becomes obsessed with a cannibal! In Grimm Love, Russell plays a criminal psych. student studying a man who ate a man who volunteered to be cannibalized on the Internet. While this might sound like B-movie pulp, the film had some pedigree.

Grimm Love was produced by the team that brought you Igby Goes Down and took home a handful of festival awards. The icing on the strange cake: Grimm Love was never released as intended in Germany because a court ruled that the film infringed upon the personal rights of Armin Meiwes, the real-life cannibal that inspired the film. Sure.