The New York Times has more than cronuts and college sex to offer us. This week, the Grey Lady blessed us with the chronicle of Dave Chappelle. Jason Zinoman tells the tale of the legendary comedian who brought the the world Chappelle's Show in 2003, only to walk away from the enormously popular sketch comedy show two years later. He's now returned to stand-up, his first love, and the world is a better place.

Or is it? Over at Vulture, Kyle Buchanan predicts Hollywood's future based on this dismal summer movie season and—surprise—it involves even more sequels and franchises.

"There was always a subset of Sopranos fans that just wanted better and bloodier whackings—and there’s a subset of Breaking Bad fans that will always want Walt to wear that hot black hat." That's Emily Nussbaum writing on the New Yorker's Culture Desk blog about the return of AMC's best drama (behind Mad Men, of course). 

Nathan Rabin, at the Dissolve, explains how Spring Breakers made boobs upsetting.

Letting Jennifer Lawrence talk about whatever she wants is always the right move, as demonstrated by this piece from Jonathan Van Meter in Vogue.

And you could see Ashton Kutcher's Jobs this weekend, or you could just read Megan Garber's piece about the film in The Atlantic.