Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming open world, action adventure, stealth game (any other genres to include in that before we move on? No? Okay.) Watch Dogs has been catching the interest of the gaming world since it was unveiled at E3 2012. And with its release coming up, a new gameplay trailer has surfaced, showing off the hacking capabilites that much of the game will be based around.

As the trailer states:

In [this video] you'll learn more about how Watch Dogs is redefining hacking, and to use it to turn the city into your ultimate weapon. Everyone and everything is connected by technology. Hacking into that connection can be very powerful.

Truer words, never spake. From what we've seen in the trailer, you'll be able to access all sorts of personal information from those around you, turning your world into a sea of human data that you can use to anticipate illegal activity and take down criminals. Does that sound like Minority Report to anyone else? Sure sounds a lot like Minority Report to us. 

But, that also sounds very good. The visuals looks tight and the hacking interface of the game appears to be implemented pretty inobtrusively. Watch Dogs drops on November 19, and you can be sure that we'll be picking up our copy at the drop.  

[via PC Gamer]