Wasteland 2 is looking like one of the best games to come from Kickstarter in awhile. Check out this developer demo where project lead, Chris Keenan, walks us through parts of the prison level to get a glimpse of some of the game’s features. Including how choices effect gameplay, battle and oh yeah, exploding animals.

The tactical nature of the game reminds us of the epically fun and challenging Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel in the best possible way. The graphics look fresh and detailed and offer some shortcut features to standard tactical RPGs that keep us from having to check out stats constantly.

Wasteland 2: Adventure in Post-Nuclear America is set to drop in October. Head on over to the official site and donate to get your copy first. Wasteland 2 also gets our seal of approval for having the most awesome tag line: "Your mind just exploded like a blood sausage."

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