A reckless driver who was told to slow down pulled a Cheddar Bob and accidentally shot himself in the groin during a bout of road rage. What kind of pyscho pulls out a gun in this scenario anyway? This is karma in motion, folks.

Rhonney Jacobs was flying down Red Brooke Road in Norfolk, Va. when neighbors asked if he could be careful, as there were children playing in the area. Jacobs apparently doesn't like being told he's in the wrong, because he brandished a  .45-caliber handgun. 

According to the Virginia Pilot, Jacobs may have gotten tangled in some kind of phsyical altercation with one of hid neighbors, which caused the gun to discharge. Regardless, he ended up with a bullet wound to his groin area. He was taken to the hospital and the karma police later charged him for brandishing and discharging a firearm. Let's hope he doesn't expect to get invitations to any Labor Day cookouts from his neighbors.

[via Gawker and the Virginia Pilot]