Another day, another supernaturally themed young adult film adapation looking to cultivate a rabid fanbase and cash in Twilight style. The latest centers on—you guessed it—vampires! In high school! This first trailer doesn't offer much to go on, but if the films hew closely to the source material, then the plot will follow Rose, a half-human half-vampire hybrid, as she trains to become a bodyguard for, uh, full vampires.

So what makes Vampire Academy promising compared to all the others? Well besides casting Complex favorites Olga Kurylenko (as vamp-headmistress) and Sarah Hyland, the script was written by Daniel Waters, of Heathers fame. Stands to reason that a guy responsible for one of the best high-school set films of all time, backed by The Weinsen Company, can make lighting even semi-strike twice, right? The movie is due on Valentine's Day.

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