Here's a strong case for why you should think long and hard about having a car in New York City. Two men who owe a combined total of nearly $350,000 in unnpaid parking tickets have made a list of the top 10 biggest offenders. John Caruso of Manhattan and Anthony Grady of Brooklyn stand out because they're the only human beings on the list—the rest are businesses.

Caruso is eighth on the list, owing $176,821 for 872 tickets dating back to 2005. Grady, on the other hand, owes $172,250 for 1,404 tickets also dating back to 2005. The worst offender is Wallington, N.J.'s Consolidated Dairies, which owes a stunning $316,059 on 1,759 tickets. Grady has bigger problems than tickets, though—the New York Post reports that there's a sign on his door saying he was evicted last month.

Parking tickets are a problem for the entire city. According to the Post, the Department of Finance is waiting to collect $570 million in unpaid parking tickets. Still, tickets have been less of a problem during the most recent fiscal year, mostly because of Hurricane Sandy. There were 7.4 million tickets worth $466 million issued during the recent fiscal year, compared to 9 million worth $512 million during the last.

[via New York Post]