Real New Yorkers (or anyone who's spent a significant amount of time in New York City) detest Times Square. From the advertising blitz to the misbehaving costumed characters, it's out of control. However, according to a survey generated by Twitter, it's the city's happiest location.

A team from the New England Complex Systems Institute classified more than 600,000 tweets by using phrases, emoticons and key words to assign a mood to each tweet. The data was published in a report titled Sentiment in New York City: A High Resolution Spatial and Temporal View, which determined that public mood is at its peak "in public parks and lowest at transportation hubs." 

Motherboard got into the mix and determined that Central Park is the happiest park, while the Hunterspoint Avenue train station is the saddest transportation hub.

Again, don't shoot the messenger. This is all totally subjective.

[via Gothamist]