Ever since the early days of television, producers have looked to cameos for a ratings boost. We aren't sure if there is any tangible value in these guest spots, but that hasn't stopped producers from shoehorning them into your favorite shows for decades. Whether a musician pops up as the sensitive love interest for the ingenue, an athlete stops by out of nowhere to dispense some cookie-cutter advice, or a washed-up actor is looking for one last moment in the limelight, TV cameos are usually cirngeworthy affairs. The most memorable cameos stick with you in much the same way a train wreck takes up residence in the back of your head. You can't help look away as it's happening and the tragic event leaves a lasting imprint whether you like it or not.

Though we have seen many terrible cameos on our television screens through the years, some of them stand out as particularly awful. Certain stunt casting moves possess that perfect mix of desperation and absurdity needed to sink even lower than your run-of-the-mill shameless publicity move. It is time to salute the cheesiest and sleaziest casting moves ever dreamed up by ratings hungry execs. Here are The 25 Worst Cameos in TV History. 

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