With news that Google Glass won't be hitting stores until next year, a new, up-and-coming rival has just raised $5 million as it looks to get out of the stores and onto your face before Google does.

Telepathy, the company from Sunnydale, Calif., has just pocketed the $5 million from their first round of funding, which will help them bring on will app developers, server software developers and communication firmware developers. "The initial response to our Telepathy One prototype has been astounding," said Geico caveman Telepathy CEO Takahito Iguchi. The company's device, the Telepathy One, is a sleek looking device that wraps around a user's head, and comes with built-in headphones and a screen—think of it as Google Glass' long lost brother. But, Telepathy One won't touch your face: from the point it leaves the support of the user's ear, it's body sticks out and reaches around to the front of the eye, without touching the user's skin. You'll probably even forget it's on.  

[via Mashable]