In this golden age of TV, very few movie stars are too A-list to appear on TV, especially when they're film career begins to wane. Yesterday when news of a potential Rambo series broke, rumors ran rampant that Sylvester Stallone would join the prestigous list of silver screen actors jumping to the tube. Just one day later however, he's already nipped that notion in the bud.

Stallone's press representatives told The Hollywood Reporter: "While a television series based on the Rambo property is in development with Entertainment One and Nu Image, contrary to reports, Sylvester Stallone will certainly not reprise his role as the iconic John Rambo for the small screen." Well there goes that. Sly's too busy trying to get The Expendables series to catch up to Fast and Furious to reprise Rambo for ten to thirteen episodes a year, we suppose. So now the search begins. Who would you cast as the new John Rambo?

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