Valve, after skipping out of the console crazed E3 of 2013, announced that it would be attending Gamescon in August in Germany. While the excitement builds after Valve’s months of silence we expect them to drop a bomb that will change the video gaming landscape. Okay, that kind of hyperbole is exactly what you’re going to hear until the show actually starts and Valve makes some sort of move.

There is nothing indicating the company will drop any information on the upcoming Steam Box or even acknowledge if it still exists. Though the expectation seems to be that Valve will either unveil Steam Box or Half-Life 3, both seem as likely as Phil Fish developing the next Gears of War.

After this year’s E3 where both Sony and Microsoft paired off with their good-looking but less than revolutionary Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we’re more than ever counting on something to really shake up the industry and staleness around the slow speed of development in consoles.

Although if the Steam Box does get dropped at Gamecon you can bet the Internet is likely to explode, Steam servers will collapse, NeoGaf will be reduced to a stuttering incoherence and collective anticipation will result in mass hysteria and burning of consoles in the street.

Maybe not, but we’ll wait to be proven wrong.