Ladies and gentlemen, Sony's PS4 will arrive in North America on November 15 for a cool $399.

Sony's PlayStation 3 will also see a price drop. The 12GB model PS3 will now set you back $199 and if you purchase select titles like CoD: Ghosts, Watchdogs or Assassin’s Creed 4 for the PS3, you will be able to later purchase the PS4 versions at a significant discount.

Also big news for Sony's flagging Vita console. Sony announced that it was slashing the price of  the PlayStation Vita from $250 to $199 here in the States. The new Vita price drop takes place tomorrow and will be followed up with a "significant" discount for the cost of its memory cards. As of right now they go for $14 for the 4GB, $37 for the 16GB, and $80 for the 32GB version.

Throughout Sony's press even the Vita was touted as being an integral part of the PlayStation ecosystem and was being pushed as an extension of the PlayStation 4 console. Sony promised that the Vita will be able to run nearly every PS4 game by streaming content directly from the main console, which looked amazing during the event.

Did you catch the event? What struck you the most? Get at us and let us know what's good.

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