Brian De Palma's 1983 movie Scarface isn't the type of film you want to follow up with a reboot, but according to The Dissolve, that is exactly what Harry Potter director David Yates is considering. Yes, technically De Palma's film was a remake itself of Howard Hawks' 1932 film of the same name, but it's still a strange thought—why a reboot when you can just watch the older version that has been so iconic and influtential?

Anyway, apparently this project has been in the works at Universial for a while now, and the current draft of the script is said to be "very high" on their development list. Should talks with Yates go well, it's possible this film could be in the works relatively soon. 

Deadline also added this important note about the project:

This is not a remake or sequel but a reboot of a crime kingpin who through a ruthless campaign of ambition goes in hot pursuit of his American Dream – whatever that is in this decade. Ethnicity and geography were important in the first two versions so expect the same here.

The way this is worded is interesting—specifying that it's not a remake, and that the location/ethnicity of the characters is important seems to suggest that Yates' version could change the setting and a lot of the plot/backstory, which would, in a way, make it its own film. After all, the 1932 version of the film was set in Chicago, whereas De Palma's 1983 version was in Miami.

Since there are no story details it's hard to tell what they actually have planned, but even if Yates' version ends up being different than the previous two, the thought is still an uncomfortable one. Casting someone who can give a perfomance that matches up to Al Pacino's is going to be nearly impossible, and that's just the start. 

Anyway, Deadline is reporting that Yates is in "final talks," which means that it's highly possible this will happen. Don't screw this up, guys.

[via The Dissolve]

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