The concept of actors leaving a series and never checking in on it again out of pure curiosity is nothing new. So it's not surprising when Lecy Goranson, who portrayed Becky, the oldest daughter of the Conner clan on Roseanne, admits that she didn't keep up with the show when she left during season five to attend college and Sarah Chalke stepped in to fill the role. But in the wake of her departure Roseanne's popularity rose, building up to one of the most talked about finales—which features one of TV's most devastating deaths of all time. And Goranson only learned of it...this week.

Let's take a step back and remember that Roseanne bowed in May 1997. You're out here whining about Breaking Bad spoilers and dodging Walking Dead live-tweets, meanwhile Becky Conner went sixteen years—spoiler alert!—without learning of her TV dad's death until Michael Fishman, better known as DJ Conner, casually revealed it during a joint interview with HuffPost Live. She laughs off how crazy it is that this little detail never got back to her, but she's kind of on the money when she jokes that it isn't much incentive to go back and watch. We're still kind of tight it ended on such a depressing note. But seriously, no one, friend, family member, some random person on the college campus, no one, rolled up on her like "Damn, that ending was sad as shit?" Watch Goranson learn the news yourself here.

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[via HuffPost Live]