The 95th PGA Championship tournament kicks off tomorrow at Oak Hill Country Club, and in the lead-up to the event, Tour pro, Rickie Fowler, decided to employ some slightly unorthodox training methods to prepare himself for the year's final major. Actually, "slightly" is a bit of an understatement. Check out the video above and you'll see what we mean. 

Battling a series of psychedelic projections set anywhere from 45 to 78 yards away, Fowler flops, drives and pitches his way out of a trippy dungeon concocted by the creatives over at Red Bull. Well, we suppose that's one way to work on your mid-range game. You'd have a hard time convincing us that the person who conceived this idea wasn't on something particularly potent that day. 

And is it just us, or did this remind anyone else of that scene in Zoolander where Derek is getting brainwashed by Mugatu? That's not really a good thing. That's more like a "We're-super-creeped-out-and-maybe-a-little-terrified" kind of thing. Despite the strange circumstances, though, Fowler seemed pretty game for the funhouse that Red Bull constructed. Said Fowler:

“We’re always looking for new, and sometimes quirky ways to get an edge and Red Bull came up with this fun and inventive animated training challenge. Hitting any type of golf shots where you have to focus on trajectory and distance and trying to hit a certain target can only help you get better.”

What a good sport. Unsurprising, when you consider the fact that this clip isn't even the weirdest golf-related video that Rickie has ever been in. Take it, Golf Boys!

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