Apple has reportedly let bygones be bygones after some recent legal problems with Samsung, and has tapped the manufactuer to make a Retina screen for the next iPad Mini this fall.

The reports claim that the new Retina iPad Mini will fall in line with what Apple is allegedly planning to do with the next iPhone by coming in a variety of different colors. Also, there doesn't seem to be a size difference—the Retina iPad Mini will likely clock in at the same size of current models at 7.9-inches. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is indeed working on the much rumored 13-inch iPad and iPhone with a larger screen. 

It seems as if 2013 has been jam-packed with iPad and iPhone rumors, but as the year comes to a close with the holiday season approaching, we'll be seeing what Apple officially has up its sleeve; and it looks like they'll have a lot of changes to unveil.

The question remains: would Steve have approved? 

[via Mashable]