Jetpack armor, falling mechs from the sky and mid-air sniping, yes please. Titanfall is the sickest looking next-gen game we've seen yet. Titanfall is the first game from Respawn. A developer studio which is made up of ex Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers from Infinity Ward. Titanfall won many critics 'Best In Show' at E3 and for good reason. Look at this trailer and tell us that Spring 2014 doesn't sound like it's a million years away.

Capcom also released a CGI trailer this week for the upcoming Dead Rising 3, a little potty mouthed, a little skunk hair, this game still looks awesome to us. It features shotgun-wielding zombies - just one of the many new, smarter zombie types - that may be a tinny bit smarter than the general hordes. New zombie types will include cops, prisoners, and football players.

Also this week announced a complex social environment surrounding The Division. The Division is an open world always-online RPG, action-shooter hybrid that takes place in a post-infection, destroyed New York City that promises a social environment that allows player to freely trade and form alliances within the world.