This week a U.S. court of appeals has upheld a ruling against Electronic Arts in a lawsuit by former NCAA athletes who accused the company of using their image and likenesses for financial gain without their permission.

Turns out that if you copy a student-athletes "height, weight, facial features, hair color and style, home state, playing style, school year, skin tone, throwing arm, uniform number and visor preferences..." and then don't credit them and make a ton of money off a video game their in, its not completely legal; who knew?

Unlike NCAA student-athletes, Usain Bolt is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. So when he's not busy hanging out with Richard Branson or pounding down some Mc.Nuggets before breaking some other world record, he's all up in Temple Run 2. Now you can play the Bolt himself in your favorite nightmare about Evil Demon Monkeys.

Think running is for sissies and Ric Flair? Then you'll love the Phenom Edition of WWE 2K14, The Undertaker in all his faces, makes a triumphant return to fake fighting. $100 pre-order gets you a pile of goodies, we're sure somebody, somewhere will impressed.