Gaming is complex, so catch up each week with the short and dirty in Reboot: This Week In Games.

This week saw the release of two major multiplayer trailers: Call of Duty: Ghosts premiered its multiplayer gameplay with a few surprise ladies and a lot of Eminem. Grand Theft Auto V also released a trailer for its online multiplayer and detailed all the cool stuff we can do in Los Santos on the GTA V website. Oh, and it turns out the political landscape of Los Santos is filled with horrible douches, nothing like the real world.

The new Dishonored DLC The Brigmore Witches was released, this third and final DLC rounded-out possibly the best DLC content ever released for a game. We also got a peek at Telltale Games' -the geniuses behind The Walking Dead - new project The Wolf Among Us, that takes place in the Fables universe.

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