Pandora users, starting in September, you'll finally be able to stream during the day, night, and even in your dreams, because Pandora is lifting its 40-hour limit on mobile streaming starting next month.

If you pay for Pandora, then you probably have no idea what we're talking about. But, if you're like many users out there, you stream Pandora from your mobile device. That means, you're probably very familiar with the 40-hour streaming cap Pandora started about six months ago. If you hit that limit by the end of a given month, you'd have to pay $.99 (which isn't a bad deal) to keep streaming from your device, or you could just stream as much as you wanted from your computer. Pandora said they had to implement this money making move in order to combat rising royalty rates—now, it seems, they've been able to make up for the cost with ads, and can now go without the cap.

So, get ready: the cap is lifted Sept. 1st.

Or, have you already switched to another streaming service? *cough, Spotify, cough*

[via The Verge]