Pacific Rim's box office earnings in the U.S. may have been a little disappointing so far—$84 million earned over three weekends, compared to the film's $140 million budget—but, overseas, it's a completely different story. According to Coming Soon, Pacific Rim has been doing exceptionally well in China, opening to a $9 million and making up 70% of the coiuntry's box office share. Additionally, over the weekend of July 19th, the film was number one in all international markets. Worldwide, it's earned a total of $224 million so far.

These numbers may not seem high, but for Warner Bros., it's actually a record-breaking opening in China—even more than any of the highly successful Harry Potter films earned there. Even though the budget is high, these numbers could persure Warner Bros. to move forward with the sequel that's been planned by Guillermo Del Toro and original screenwriter Travis Beacham

Now, let's just hope that the sequel something like this Pacific Rim/Godzilla mash-up video, because this is something the world needs.

[via Coming Soon]