We all had such high hopes for the Ouya. 

The little console that was going to democratize the gaming industry with its open source Android operating system, economy pricing, and the heroic attempt to circumvent the razor sharp shoals of the AAA distribution model. 

Well, none of that has really worked out. After a round of embarassing delays, a dearth of playable/fun releases at launch, and an overall 'meh' toward the finished product, the Ouya is wearing a deeply furrowed struggle face. And then there's this. 

An over the top commercial lamenting the annual franchise farm of AAA games, the footage bites the style of Augenblick Studios' brilliant Super Jail/Wondershowzen series. Hoping the gore and black comedy would turn around the flagging sales of the console has been met with confusion. 

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you're thinking.

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