Last week, a woman and her adult son were arrested in West Salem, Ore. while the woman was allegedly giving him a ride to a drug deal. If you think it's terrible that this woman was giving her son a ride to purchase drugs, just know that the situation is much more sordid. 

She was giving him a ride to sell heroin. Unfortunately, the dugs were intended for an undercover cop.

Suzan Van Houte and her 25-year-old son, Michael, were arrested and charged with unlawful delivery and possession of heroin after she tried to hide the drugs from authorities during an Aug. 15 traffic stop. Michael Van Houte got pretty well-acquainted with the county jail last week, having been released just two days prior to this arrest.

The only thing worse than a grown-ass man needing a ride from his mother is a grown-ass man needing a ride from his mother so he can sell dope.

[via The Huffington Post]