There's no need to combine the names of New York City neighborhoods, and although one real estate broker didn't come up with the name "Bedwick," he isn't mad at it. That's mostly because it's allowing him to squeeze more money out of people. According to Roni Dotan, listing a Stuyvesant Avenue property under the new name was the best decision:

"I didn't come up with it," Dotan told us this morning, adding that he'd first heard the term online, and again from the mouths of a group of kids on the train—possibly European tourists. "I was like 'What the hell is Bedwick?'" he said. Despite having lived in the city for a decade and worked in real estate for the past six years, Dotan decided the visitors—as usual—were on to something. He liked the term, and it was so.

Even though the new name was panned (as it should be), Dotan thinks this blend could be beneficial for both neighborhoods. "I think Bushwick is extremely desirable—it's a natural move to people from Williamsburg," he told Gothamist. "You maybe get the best of both worlds."

For the record, Dotan is totally cool with mixing names for the sake of jacking rent prices up. Then again, this isn't surprising—he is in real estate, after all. "I don’t see the big deal—I think people should embrace change," he revealed. "If people are that afraid of gentrification, that’s their fault."

Is it?

[via Gothamist]