Neighborhood: Washington Heights
Address: 4447 Broadway

While being one of New York's last standing homogenous neighborhoods, anyone who has ever spent time in the Heights can tell you music is never scarce. Sure you may not be in the mood to lament a lost bidding war for Js over a bachata ballad, but that doesn't mean everything you hear in the Heights is not in English. At Apt 78—original venue of the ever-growing jumpoff, Brunchbounce, and home to the "Summer Series" featuring DJs like D-Nice, Questlove, and Just Blaze—dancing on tables, crowd surfing and general fog-inducing gyrations are totally acceptable. You can even have a cocktail and a snack while you're at it. If the bouncer is no longer accepting patrons, head over to Dyckman Bar. At the very least, this ground level bar will let you spill some of that ruckus onto the street with their disappearing front wall. Just remember: as hot as everyone is in the Heights, nobody up there is trying to hear that you don't dance.