Boldly skipping both Halloween and the Holiday season, the newest 3D Castlevania installment Lords of Shadow 2 is pretty much exactly what you’d want from a sequel to the underrated original Lords of Shadow – a bigger world, better tech and more refined graphics (aside from now playing as Dracula himself). In this clip from Gamescom, Gabriel, former Belmont turned vampire gets to play around with the new void sword, fighting a big blood-and-stone golem and using some new abilities built for exploration.

Aside from the big graphical bump up – this video looks like it’s running on high-end PC, though it’s unclear – it’s great to see that LoS 2 hasn’t seemed to have lost any of its detailed gothic aesthetic and architecture, despite now taking place in modern day. Luckily it seems that there’s just as much focus on adventure-style gameplay as there is on combat, which retains the same effortless control style as in the original. Could this be the be-all-end-all of 3D Castlevanias? Check out the video and judge for yourself.

Via Youtube