Everyone has an opinion on who should don the cape and cowl and give Superman the business in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, which will finally bring the iconic DC superheroes' volatile partnership to the big screen. While those who think following Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy with a new Batman so soon is sacrilege wait with bated breath to see if Christian Bale will indeed return for an exorbitant $50 million payday, Warner Bros is allegedly pursuing a short list of names that includes Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. At this early stage however, the role could go to anyone between the ages of 30-45, rumor mill be damned.

There's one name you can officially remove from the hat, though: Nathan Fillion. The Castle star and former Browncoat is one of several TV actors whose small but rabid fanbase has been quietly petitioning to play the Bat. He did the brooding, rugged hero thing in Firefly and he's currently owning the dashing millionaire archetype as Richard Castle. Sounds like Batman would be a layup for him, right? Not so fast. As Fillion tells EW, "I think I’d make an excellent Bruce Wayne; I think I’d make a terrible Batman.” He also has some advice for the various petitioners out there: "If you wanted to see a particular person as Batman, I think one of the worst things you could do is shove it down someone’s throat..." The search continues.

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[via EW]