Director: Aaron Sorkin
Co-stars: Sean Connery, Gayle King

Plot synopsis: In a fortnight Oprah will announce her worldwide domination via an internationally broadcast message projected on landmarks in every major city. Typically at ease addressing the public, the media magnate finds herself in an emotional state that she hasn’t encountered in decades: anxiety. Confiding solely in BFF Gayle, Oprah is fearful of delivering what she sees as the most pivotal speech since the Gettysburg Address. A lonely night of aimless channel-surfing provides the light bulb when she comes across one of her favorite films: Finding Forrester. At Gayle’s urging, Oprah flexes her influence to pull off a power move that even George Lucas and Steven Spielberg could not—luring Sean Connery out of retirement. For the simple price of purging Never Say Never Again from existence, the Scot whips Oprah back into public speaking shape, and helps her write the script for the greatest address the world will ever know.

Tagline: She’s the man now, dog.
Will most likely win an Oscar for: Best Depiction of the Inevitable Future