Age: 30
Notable films: Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2011), American Mary (2013)

The horror film community—like Hollywood at large—has long been plagued by a problem that never seems to get solved: the lack of strong, prolific female directors. Canadian siblings Jen and Sylvia Soska, however, are here to change that.

Not that they're on a self-conscious mission to do so, though. The fun-loving, social media savvy sisters have amassed a large, fanatical online following known as the "Twisted Twins Army," a growing sect of supporters that loves the filmmakers' unique sense of style, their willingness to actively attend and participate in every horror convention available, and outspoken appreciation for their fans.

Fortunately, now Jen and Sylvia have the dynamic, bizarre, and highly impressive film to back it all up. Released in May, American Mary has been hailed by some horror critics as a modern-day classic—though it's too early to tell if that's just hyperbole or not, the film certainly warrants a great deal of praise. It's a tough one to classify, working on various levels of genre oddness: It's a gruesome revenge tale, a la I Spit on Your Grave; a Cronenbergian display of body horror, via the world of underground body modification; and, at times, a character-drive dark comedy.

Most importantly, it's a calling card for two of the most exciting young directors to hit the horror scene in years. —MB