It seems like Motorola got a little too excited with 'wood' during the Moto X release.

With yesterday's launch of Moto X, the phone birthed from the marriage of Motorola and Google, Motorola Mobility sent out a sex-themed tweet to help create some buzz: "Yep. We've got wood," with a photo of a bicyclist holding a Moto X with a wooden backplate. Funny? A little. Creative? Not really. Either way, Motorola was hit with some blowback for the dick joke, and they quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with "Yep. It's here. w/more than 2,000 combos," along with the same photo.

But that wasn't it.

Over at the Moto X website, two other sex-themed ads were up and available. One, with the headline, "Feminine Mystique" (because that's the thing women like, right?), which featured a bunch of feminine hipster items, along with the subtitle, "Is bigger really better? You decide. (16 or 32 MB)." 

That was soon replaced with: "Play Goldilocks and choose the right size for you." We think you're aiming for the wrong audience there, Motorola.

They also came up with a "man" version of the ad, which shows the arms of a tatted guy in bed with a girl, with the headline "Touch each other, not your phones," with the subtle joke, "That's what she said," in parenthesis underneath. You can see the ad atop of this post. 

Motorola's ad department fail doesn't mean Motorola failed with the Moto X. Check back soon for our in depth review of the newest smartphone on the market. 

[via Gizmodo]