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Nowadays, Austin St. John is an EMT and firefighter in Washington D.C., and Walter Jones continues to act, his last credit being the feature film Man Without a Head. David Yost, who came out after his stint of the series, admittedly tried to get rid of his homosexuality through conversion therapy, before finally accepting himself. He continues to act and produce. Unfortunately, the history of the Power Rangers isn't without tragedy. On September 3, 2001, Thuy Trang, best known as Trini, died in a car accident near San Francisco. 

And as for the rest of the cast and crew...

Frank: I'm talking to Saban about making a PG-13 Green Ranger movie. It's just a matter of Saban stepping behind it. I was an X-Men fan growing up; I loved Wolverine. I feel like the Green Ranger can step outside the box and be like the Wolverine of Power Rangers. That's why I think he can handle his own movie. I love seeing the guys come up to me, they're all tough, and say, "Oh dude, you're Tommy? I feel 8 all over again." That's awesome. I feel just as lucky to have fans as the fans have me. Fans are everything. Without the fans, I would not be here.

There are a lot of other things in the works right now. I'm doing a reality TV show called, This Is My Morphin Life, and I've shot about six episodes. There's a lot of interest in this. We're actually going to be shooting some stuff soon to present to Saban and, one way or another, it's going to happen.

Johnson: I just finished five years on a TV show called Flashpoint. Now I am dipping my feet into the world of directing with a short film called BENT and now LINES. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see how it all pans out!

Goodson: I'm still doing voiceover work, but it’s not as much or as often as I want. But I’m not doing what I need to. A lot of my friends are better at hustling and smiling and dialing. A lot of people have gone into directing and teaching, but I haven’t found the thing that I want to do. I’m looking at doing more books-on-tape. The new wave is that you have your own studio, you become your own editor and your own masterer. That’s the whole learning curve that I’d have to be willing to learn.

Fielding: I'm a published writer now. That's really where my interests are. I continue to embrace Zordon. The show and the character were a force for what we aspire to—the heroic. You can be a force for good. All you have to do is speak up for your friends and face whatever your fears are and be strong. Zordon. He grabbed these five kids and taught them something. He's one of the good guys.

Wasserman: I really love the sitcom world. I have one show, Hot in Cleveland, with Betty White, and it does great. We're starting season five in September. I did another show called Retired at 35, but that didn't do well, just two seasons and that was that. I loved workinh with Cedric the Entertainer on The Soul Man, which did pretty well and may get picked up for a third season. But regardless of that, he and I are going to do a comedy R&B album.


I'm talking to Saban about making a PG-13 Green Ranger movie. —Jason David Frank


And then I've got a new show that I'm thrilled about that will start airing in December called Kirstie, with Kirstie Alley, Michael Richards, and Rhea Perlman. Also, a new Nickelodeon show called The Thundermans, a live-action sitcom about a superhero family. We just started writing for that last week.

Then there's the new MMPR. There's this group of professional filmmakers that did a very, very dark trailer and plan on doing, I think, short stories of extremely dark, like, PG-13 or R-rated Power Ranger-related stuff. They're in pre-production now and probably by the end of the year they'll have their first bit. I don't know if it'll be three, five, or 10 minutes, but I'm really looking forward to it.

And Levy declined to comment.