The Power Rangers had a ton of awesome gadgets: a wrist walkie-talkie that connected them to Zordon's Command Center, custom weapons, motorcycles, their very own Megazord, and the most important one of all, the Morpher, which had the power to transform and teleport each Ranger. 

Levy: I would love to teleport. If it could save me from going through airport security, then that would be my favorite device. 

Frank: The Dragon Dagger, just to summon the Dragonzord when I encounter traffic here in Houston.

Johnson: The Morpher, of course. It would be nice to teleport.

Fielding: I wish the Morpher existed, simply because of the travel capabilities. 

Goodson: I want Rita's sphere. I had the Rangers' stuff, because I had the toys for my son. Maybe one thing of theirs would’ve been helpful because they always won. This is speaking as Rita, not as Barbara.

Wasserman: I would love, more than anything, to morph out of meetings. I'd make sure the batteries were charged, take good care of it.