Pimpin' ain't easy, but arresting alleged pimps sure as hell is when they essentially snitch on themselves. Martell Davis was arrested in San Diego late last month and charged with sex trafficking, all while wearing a t-shirt that read "I make pimpin' look easy." In cases like this, so is police work. 

According to The Smoking Gun, an undercover officer responded to an online ad for an $80 Jul. 26 rendezvous at a local Best Western. When authorities arrived, they were met by a 17-year-old girl, who they arrested for prostitution. After confiscating her phone, they reached out to the 34-year-old Davis via text, pretending to be her. An officer asked how much to charge for anal sex, to which Davis allegedly responded "Oh s*** make him break the bank babe." Apparently, $200 was the appropriate rate. 

Davis agreed to pick the girl up later that night. Upon arrival, he was placed under arrest, all while clad in the hilariously incriminating shirt. Davis reportedly told police that he did not know the girl was underage and that he was simply serving as her "protection." 

[via The Huffington Post and The Smoking Gun]