If you're curious as to how your mediocre East Coast exsitence stacks up to someone out West, the Huffington Post has done you a solid...or further crushed your spirit. They've published this graphic, which breaks down the U.S. by happiness according to the information from a University of Vermont study on geotagged tweets. Over 10,000 words were ranked on a scale of positive to negative, with context ignored to back out any and all experimental bias. 

According to the University of Vermont survery, Hawaii is the happiest state, while Louisiana is the saddest. Of course there's room for error (i.e. context and tourism), but the Huffington Post says results are similar to past studies about well-being in the U.S. The bulk of the happiest states are located on the West Coast, while the East Coast is blanketed by a cloud of sadness, leaving it somewhere between pissed and flat-out depressed.

If you live on the East coast, it's time for a vacation.

[via The Huffington Post]