Signal boost: The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion is this coming Monday, and, judging by this new clip from VH1, it's going to be CRAZY. The tension is palpable right off the bat, with Joseline accusing Mimi of getting a boob job to look more like her, and saying she looks like "somebody sucked her ass out with a straw." The two eventually stand up and approach one another threateningly, and it nearly gets physical when Joseline takes her stiletto off with intent to chuck it right at Mimi.

Even better: During this heated exchange, the camera repeatedly cuts to Stevie J, who is sitting and watching the two women bicker while shaking his head in exasperation. And that's just in a two minute clip!

You can check out the clip above, and be sure to watch the part one of the reunion special when it airs Monday night on VH1 at 8 PM ET.

[via VH1]